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Every blade is handcrafted using the highest quality steels from gardening tools, shears or old knives that have come to the end of their journey. 

Handles are created using foraged timber or carefully selected deer antler with brass fixings. Custom inserts can be set in resin to make that handle yours.

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About Our Knives
About Our Canes


Our Batons  de  Marche are custom character musterers' and hiking staffs, and walking sticks. Crafted from Manuka hardwood recovered from fallen trees in the St Arnaud Nelson Lakes area. Hand sanded and finished  with natural oils to ensure each cane is extremely strong and durable. Rubber tip available if used on hard surfaces such as wooden floors and footpaths.


Various lengths and sizes available and can be made to order with any custom insert you desire. 


Aside from creating custom bespoke pieces I also take great pride in refurbishing your old favorites. From basic sharpening services to full re-handle or re-blade requirements, I ensure your knives get another lifetime. 

I'm also happy to look at recreating any sentimental gardening tools or timber products into something of value for the next generation to treasure.

About Our Refurbs
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